Week 9: Pergo Installation


I took a welcome break from kitchen-obsessing this past holiday weekend to celebrate our niece's bat mitzvah (she was fabulous). A number of relatives came to visit our kitchen in progress over the weekend, and all seemed favorably impressed -- both with the kitchen itself (spaciousness, cabinets, layout) and the chaotic mess we're managing to live in!

Back to ConstructionWorld this week. There was notable progress today, as the Pergo flooring was installed in the step-down eating area. I saw the beginnings of installation this morning; then Marian (Walking Buddy) and I came by again at lunchtime to view it. Looked pretty nice.

Good thing I glimpsed the flooring then; by the time Lee and I came home tonight, it was installed AND covered up as the adhesive was drying. Not much to photograph, but if it's of interest, I took a couple of pictures of the covered-up Pergo.

We also learned there was a death in the family of one of the skilled tradesmen working here. We were very sorry for his loss, and obviously understand the need for bereavement leave.

The revised schedule calls for completion the week of Sept. 23. All I ask is that it be done sometime this month; if this drags on into October, I fear I will have a major meltdown. The mess, chaos, clutter, frig in the garage, lack of sink/stove/oven/kitchen/dining room/family room/washer/dryer etc. are all really starting to get on my nerves.

Otherwise, I've scheduled a painter to do the outside of the house -- local person used by our next-door neighbor, who had a cancellation and can fit us in NEXT WEEK. This was happy news, as I was starting to fear we couldn't find anyone to do the outside before winter. And the addition definitely needs to be painted this season. We're awaiting painter estimates for the interior.

I've also been trying to schedule the Home Depot guy to come measure for our new front and screen doors (they were already ratty and needing replacement anyway), as well as arranging for roof estimates. I still need to call to schedule delivery of our new bookcases (ordered to fill the new wall where the old back door is no more), we need to go through a gazillion colors to pick the paint for the outside of the house, we need to buy some shutters to replace a couple of missing ones, blah blah blah. Sigh.

Some good news: Our kitchen furniture is slated to be in by late this month, earlier than expected.

And, yes, the bisque refrigerator is supposed to be delivered next week. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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