Week 10: Counter Installation


It was Grand Central Station here this morning! a) kitchen work resumed, b) painters (for the outside of the house) arrived at 6:45 a.m. (to try to beat the heat I suppose) and c) someone came to give us a roof estimate.

The big news: Our Corian counters were installed today! Now it REALLY looks like a kitchen, with counters and the sink (although no faucet yet) and cooktop in place. Lee and I LOVE the way it looks and the way it's laid out. Especially compared to the cramped, poorly designed space we had before, all the workspace and the eating counter area are just great!

See photos

Of course, I know the counters seem especially vast with no stuff on them yet, such as can opener, toaster oven, microwave, radio, etc. etc. But still, it's a LOT more room than we had before. And all the matching neutral colors seem especially pleasing after having lived with yellow-and-orange wallpaper, pink sink and cooktop, turqoise-flecked wallpaper for so long.

There doesn't seem to be too much more to go: tile floors, oven/warming drawer installation, frig hookup, backsplash and cabinet trim work. I'm hoping the finish date of Sept. 23 week will hold.

In other news....

Yes, today was the day that the infamous Bisque Refrigerator was *finally* supposed to arrive. Imagine my joy when the phone rang this morning and it was Sears home delivery, to tell me that they did an inspection of our refrigerator and discovered a "cosmetic flaw." AAAAARGH!!!!

THIS time, they said it was on the back right (last time it was on the front). I was so desperate to finally get the right color frig that I said we'd take delivery and see how bad it was, although I told the woman we're planning to ask for a reduction in the price. I am not amused to think of paying top dollar for a damaged appliance.

I was almost afraid to arrive home tonight to see what, if anything, was delivered this afternoon. The wait was compounded when I couldn't open the front door -- plastic protecting the hall carpet was wedged so tightly under the door, I wasn't able to get in! I finally did manage to open the door, and...AT LONG LAST...we do have a bisque refrigerator, dented in the right rear, in the model we ordered.

Of course we still haven't seen if it actually WORKS yet....

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