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    Ham Radio-related photos

    Team KC1YRThanks to everyone who worked Team KC1YR in the European DX contest Sept. 9-10! You can see a summary of our log and a few photos from the contest weekend. European stations can also check to see if they are in our contest log by entering their callsign in the box below. (To return to this page after seeing the results, use your browser's Back button). Thanks to Boris T93Y for programming this for us.


    Framingham Amateur Radio Association (FARA) Summer Picnic, Sept. 2, 2001
    See photos from the Framingham Amateur Radio Association's spring flea market, March 2001, that I put up on the FARA Web site

    I've posted pictures from my visit to Radio Club T91ENS inSarajevo, May 2000. (Note: To see all of the photos I took on my trip to Sarajevo, not just the radio club, you can click here.)

    There are also lots of pictures from Boris T93Y's visit to the States this spring

    I wasn't part of the AA1IZ IOTA 2000 contestoperation, but I did take some pictures on a day visit to George's Island. There are radio-related photos, scenery photos, and boat photos.

    And don't miss the photo of the AA1IZ antennas from the air, taken by Richard N1JDU fromhis kite!

    You can also see photos from the AA1IZ 1999 IOTA expedition.

    Thanks to Bob W1RH for this photo of Lee K1GL and me on George's Island, July 29, 2000.

    Additional photos of family, friends, trips and special events