Alaska Vacation Photos
26 Glacier Cruise
We took the Alaska Railroad from Anchorage down to the port of Whittier, for a fabulous daylong boatride to see glaciers on Prince William Sound. It was stunning.
Homer and Halibut Cove
Lee and I drove down to the Kenai Peninsula, seeing gorgeous scenery along the way, to the town of Homer, home to lots of artists and galleries. There we took a boat across Kachemak Bay to the little community of Halibut Cove, where about 70 people live year-round -- including Lee's Aunt Diana.
Seward and the Alaska SeaLife Center
After a great time in Halibut Cove, we drove to the other side of the Kenai Peninsula to the town of Seward, where we visited the Alaska SeaLife Center.
North of Anchorage
We took a couple of day trips -- one to Talkeetna (some say the model for Northern Exposure's Cicely) in hopes of seeing North America's tallest mountain through the clouds, another for some hiking and enjoying more spectacular views.
In and Around Anchorage
We had several fun days in and around Alaska's largest city with our hosts, Lee's uncle Herb and aunt Kathryn.
Some Facts About Alaska
 Alaska is big. Very VERY big. Just how big? ...

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